“That gum you like is going to come back in style”

tumblr_nd0r6sqwEF1qh7rzqo1_1280Image by Achraf Amiri

This week was definitely a good week for nostalgics. With the announcement of a new Twin Peaks season after 25 years since the show ended (Laura, I knew you will keep your promise), and the unexpected return of John Galliano in fashion as Creative Director at Maison Martin Margiela, I started thinking about the relevance of such revivals. Is it just a simple gesture of appreciation from the creative industries for “die hard” fans like me, or is it just a commercial tool used to trick us into consuming more?

Let’s take for example the case of John Galliano’s appointment as Creative Director at MMM. We have Galliano, one of my favorite fashion designers, whose shows for Dior were one of the reasons I fell in love with fashion, a creative madman with the ability to entwine visual narratives with impeccable craftsmanship, a designer capable of creating wearable dreams, forced to live a nightmare because of the infamous episode with which we are all too familiar. His rehabilitation was as talked about as his professional demise.

And then we have Maison Martin Margiela, another important landmark of 20th century fashion and of my personal fashion journey, a brand whose identity is built on anonymity. The creative mastermind behind its designs proved to the world (before Banksy) that in a society obsessed with the cult of personality, a faceless individuality can function as a statement, as well as a successful business. But after Margiela’s departure from his brand, things started to change. The collaboration with H&M in 2012, and a series of more conventional shows led some critics to say that the house lost some of its creative spark.

Whit these aspects in mind, the decision of naming Galliano the new creative “face” of MMM, inevitably raises some questions. Is Renzo Rosso, the president of the Maison Martin Margiela house owner, OTB using the controversial persona of the designer to stir things up for the MMM customer and the fashion crowd? Are we witnessing the surrender of anonymity to the cult of personality? Will the flamboyant Galliano be able to embrace the concealed MMM universe? We cannot know for sure, so we’ll leave it for the future to decide. But no matter what the consequences of such revivals are, I am more than thrilled with such announcements, and even if the gum won’t have the same taste as it used to have, I am damn happy it came back in style.

Christian-Dior-Haute-Couture-by-Galliano-FW-97John Galliano for Dior Haute Couture F/W 2007


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