Dear readers, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to talk about myself…

This is a sentence that pretty much sums up the discourse of many personal fashion blogs. All those women and men who are willing to offer you exclusive access into their glamorous lives. And you, the reader, the spectator, are happy to take part, on an almost daily basis, in the prefabricated realities of the “ordinary” people like you. Marc – Alain Descamps, a French philosopher and psychologist, resumes the psychological implications of fashion by stating that it is “An overdetermined phenomenon which expresses at the same time the individual, the society, the unconscious and one’s own personal evolution”. But in this process of personal evolution, how does the individual who freely accepts to expose his/her life to the public feel?

I have been scrolling down pages of personal style blogs for more than 4 years now. I’ve been browsing them for different reasons: some of them for styling inspiration, some of them for research, some of them for the love of procrastination, and some of them for the same reason I enjoy reading celebrity magazines: for gossip. Sometimes I envied their lifestyle and their fame, other times I admired their professionalism and their determination to succeed in a world where they are still viewed as mere intruders. But no matter what my feelings towards them were, I have always felt a subtle sense of anguish taking over their personal blogs. What are the psychological implications of a stylized personal experience?

Could the pursuit of a distinct personal experience of fashion, and a distinct style of living cause dissociation in the personality of the blogger?


Could the constant reinvention of the self-image lead to depression?


Or in some cases even depersonalization?


Can the stress of everyday updating, social networking, endorsing brands, and meeting new people lead to anxiety?


Can a fast-paced lifestyle induce an exaggerated enthusiasm for every little aspect of their everyday lives?


Or can it just turn them into apathic individuals?


Once you’re at the top, the fear of losing your social status, your followers, your connections, your friends, can put pressure on your mental and physical health.


But I guess there will always be some hope left for those that try to see things out of the proverbial box. Otherwise all mental institutions would be full of rich, famous and stylish bloggers.


gifs taken from rubyetc tumblr

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