Les femmes s’ennuient le dimanche

This week the Romanian brand MURMUR launched a new line of clothing, dedicated to a more private audience, MURMUR Roleplay. As those of you who are familiar with the brand may already know, the aesthetic explored by its designer Andreea Badala is centred on seduction, on sensuality and desire. The MURMUR woman is a strong woman because she knows how to explore her femininity through specific elements which define the feminine universe. Her private space is where she feels comfortable, and her clothes are her weapons of seduction.

With this new line of clothing, MURMUR Roleplay, Andreea Badala wants to explore the hidden corners of her woman’s private space. What she discovers is a place of escape from the everyday restrictions, from socially accepted norms which enclose her fantasy. MURMUR Roleplay explores this “forbidden” place and turns it into a playground for those willing to enter it, offering them an appropriate wardrobe for their secret fantasies.

This new clothing line is composed of outfits, and pret-a-porter pieces inspired by fantasies and roleplaying. Be it a sensual housewife, a seductive housemaid, an untamed athlete, a temptatious nun, or a naughty schoolgirl, all of these roles that a woman plays in order to allure the outside world into her private space are part of a process of self – discovery. All these different characters are hidden inside a woman’s subconscious. The trick is to know how and when to let them out to play.

The collection was launched in a nonconventional space – a hotel, as a performance where different models playing different roles were placed in separate rooms of the hotel. The performance was designed to resemble a peep-show where guests were invited to visually explore the phantasies orchestrated by the designer.

murmur roleplay

murmur roleplay

murmur roleplay

murmur roleplay

murmur roleplay

Photo: George Sandu

You can find the collection at: http://www.murmurstore.com/roleplay

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