A Reflection on Raf


When Matthew McConaughey’s character in Interstellar enters an extra-dimension where time appears as a spatial dimension showing glimpses of his daughter’s childhood bedroom at various times, he manages to find a solution to save mankind. Raf Simons, for his haute couture show at Dior reconstructs that surreal scene by placing mirror fragments at different angles so that the white scaffolds could reflect in those mirrors creating the impression of an infinite space where ideas interconnect. Will he find the solution to save mankind? Probably not, because that’s not his job. His job is to find, each season, the best solution to keep fashion alive. And that’s not an easy job, and he knows it. All eyes are on him, and he is feeling the pressure of each and every one of his fans, critiques, customers, buyers.


He chose as a reference for this show the iconic pop star David Bowie, and beyond the visual references, I feel that the connection is much deeper. Ziggy Stardust, probably Bowie’s most well-known persona is the personification of an alien who is trying to communicate with mankind through his music, being destroyed in the end by his own inner demons and by the fans that worshiped him. Raf is seen by some as an alien in the haute couture world, a world constricted by rules and standards. And although he proved himself worthy of this world, the fear of him being devoured by it still lingers. Will he manage to deliver his message of creative freedom in the future? Or will he be devoured by his fans, by the Dior heritage, and by his independent nature?



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