The Magic of Objects

The first fashion IT item I fell in love with was Dorothy’s pair of red shoes. I even bought a cheap version of them, hoping that someday I will be able to travel somewhere over the rainbow. I didn’t…of course, but what that pair of red sparkling shoes showed me was fashion’s ability to generate magic.

But what turns ordinary objects into magical items?

The story

dorothy red shoesDorothy’s Red Shoes

The relation between the wearer and the object

drive jacketThe Driver’s jacket from Drive

The object’s power of seduction

lolita sunglasses

Lolita’s sunglasses

Its inaccessibility

margot tenenbaum fur

Margot’s fur coat

Its playfulness

back to the future nike dunkers

Marty McFly’s  Nike dunks from Back to the Future

Its ability to trick the eye


Elle Driver’s trompe l’oeil trench from Kill Bill

And to distort realities

johnny depp sunglasses

Raoul Duke’s sunglasses from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


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