How to Have Fun with Trends

I have never been a fan of the color red when it comes to my personal fashion choices, but I have always been intrigued by its use in different visual compositions. Be it paintings, posters, videos, or movies, the powerful presence of this color always caught my attention. REDRUM, REDRUM, REDRUM, keeps coming to my mind, and it has a lot to do with how I perceive this color on a symbolic level. Love and death, sex and violence can easily be associated with the color red, and can infuse it with the power of subversion. And when it comes to subversion and the many facets of the color red, one must simply mention Kubrick, one of the movie directors who succeeded in transforming movie frames into enigmatic visual narratives. Kubrick’s use of primary colors which carry symbolic significance represents one of the main characteristics of his work. Thus, red underscores varying levels of meaning in his movies: physical and psychological violence in A Clockwork Orange, and The Shinning, sexuality and temptation in Eyes Wide Shut, humanity and lack of it in Space Odyssey.

Some of this season’s collections bare a scarlet sign, and as I was browsing them I came up with an idea: to select the pieces which resemble characters from Kubrick’s movies. I chose them based on the atmosphere of the movie, on the psychological characteristics of the characters, but also based on their fashion choices as they were revealed in the movies. It’s a fun creative game which you can play while watching your favorite movies.

Alice Harford (Eyes Wide Shut) dressed in Alexander McQueen


(Full Metal Jacket) The uniforms worn by the soldiers designed by Thomas Tait

thomas TAIt_0609

Wendy Torrance (The Shinning) dressed in Hermes


Lady Honoria Lyndon (Barry Lyndon) dressed in Simone Rocha

simone rocha_0625

The Cat Lady (A Clockwork Orange) dressed in J. W. Anderson


Any female character (2001: A Space Odyssey) dressed in Christopher Kane


Lolita (Lolita) dressed in Fendi


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