Dress Like a Painting

If you are tired of dressing like a celebrity, or like a fashion icon, if your everyday fashion ensembles are too normcore, if you are tired of trends, or just tired of fashion people telling you how you should dress….dress like a painting.

Write in Google a painter whose name you’ve heard on the news because his paintings were sold in an auction for a surrealist sum of money, go to “Images”, and select your favorite painting based on color, shape, and on how pretty and interesting you consider it to be, and start composing your outfit.

For today, I chose Pablo Picasso’s painting called “Women with Yellow Hat”. It depicts one of his muses; I think she was also his last. For those of you who are interested in finding out more about the girl in the painting, her name is Jacqueline Roque and she appears in more paintings than any other of Picasso’s muses. A strong, and sort of strange woman, isolating herself and Picasso in the villa Chateau de Vauvenargue, is depicted in this painting as a tender, yet sinuous being. Her face is half covered in an almost burning light, half covered in darkness. I like the toughness of the lines that define her features, and I enjoy Picasso’s use of primary colors.

My designer choices for reinterpreting Jacqueline’s portrait would be:

– a jacket and a  bracelet by Celine

– shoes by Stella McCartney

– hat by Eugenia Kim

A little bit of toughness, a little bit of playfulness, and a little bit of tromp l’oeil romanticism.

how to dress like a painting

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