Architecturing Collaborations – Irina Schrotter spring-summer 2016

Last Friday, the Romanian brand Irina Schrotter presented its spring – summer 2016 collection during MQ Vienna Fashion Week. This is the third consecutive season in which the brand’s collection is showcased on the official schedule of this event. A soothing feeling of accomplishment transcended this collection because Lucian Broscatean succeeded once again to reinforce the brand’s identity. Relevance, consistency and emotion are the three concepts which represent the basis of Lucian Broscatean’s reconfiguration of the brand since 2012 when the Romanian avant-garde designer started his collaboration with Irina Schrotter.

Irina Schrotter SS16 (6)

There is a sense of easy at the heart of this collection. This may be due to the cleverly orchestrated play on textile surfaces, the use of a relaxed pallet of colors such as beige, ochre, white, navy blue, or the predominance of one – piece outfits which can function as standalone pieces or can be easily combined with other garments existent in ones wardrobe. By just looking at the collection one can easily identify the characteristics of the woman envisioned by Lucian Broscatean, together with his two assistant designers – Carmen Chereches and Diana Flore. She is sensitive and sophisticated, discreetly powerful, unapproachably sexy. She knows that clothes can have a functional side, but also an aesthetical one, that is why sometimes, when she is complimented on her outfit, she mentions the cultural and artistic references that her clothes carry within them: “I love this dress; it’s so functional, like a Bauhaus project”. The geometric cuts, the asymmetries which reshape the silhouette and the patterns which can be reconfigured through styling could be related with the Bauhaus movement, but more than a literal reference, it is the idea of a creative collaboration which may link Irina Schrotter’s collection to the movement. There were the shoes designed by Mihaela Glavan which is a long time collaborator with Irina Schrotter, and the two models promoting the collection in the campaign images – Larisa Citea (one of Irina Schrotter’s favorite model) and Fica Balancan (one of Lucian Broscatean’s favorite model), and the consistent input of Carmen Chereches and Diana Flore that have succeeded in creating a coherent and relevant collection.














Photos – Emil Costrut

Another kind of Visual Kontakt

Experimentele, indiferent de natura lor, au capacitatea de a genera noi modalitati de percepere a realitatii. In mediul artistic, curajul celor care se incumeta sa experimenteze necesita implicit o asumare a unui posibil esec si, in acelasi timp, curajul de a infrunta impedimentele pentru a putea transforma experimentele in ceva concret.

Asociatia Visual Kontakt este o organizatie non-profit cu sediul in Oradea care isi propune sa sustina artisti, indiferent de domeniul in care acestia activeaza, dandu-le ocazia sa isi manifeste creativitatea intr-un spatiu in care nu sunt restransi financiar. Samizdat, extensia in format de revista a experimentului curatorial Visual Kontakt, este o publicatie  in tiraj de 1000 de exemplare, distribuita gratuit in orasele Oradea, Cluj-Napoca si Debrecen. Revista lunara de arta contemporana reuneste reflectiile unor participanti la fenomenul artistic asupra evenimentelor culturale si artistice, asupra schimbarilor ce au loc in perceptia asupra artei, revista devenind astfel un soi de “galerie scrisa”, un laborator in care experimentele vizuale intra in contact cu pagina.

In ultimul numar al publicatiei, un shooting realizat intr-o locatie neconventionala mi-a atras atentia si m-a determinat sa va dezvalui in cateva randuri ceea ce consider a fi un proiect care indrazneste sa abordeze creativitatea cu sinceritate si indrazneala.

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Designeri: Astrid Tirlea, Diana Flore, Teodora Visinescu

Fotograf: Emil Costrut

Model: Silvana Radu

Locatia: Biserica greco-catolica “Buna Vestire”, Vadul Crisului

Pentru mai multe poze si informatii in legatura cu proiectele Visual Kontakt, accesati , …