Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Despite the rain and the mud which turned the first day of Electric Castle in a post-apocalyptic scenery where its inhabitants were forced to abandon their festival apparel (flowers, spikes and everything nice) and struggle to find a pair of rubber boots and a raincoat in order to blend in, and not sink in, the party spirit survived. The electric vibes managed to stop the rain, and during the last days of the festival the rubber boots turned from necessity into a fashion trend.

And speaking of fashion, there was plenty, and at the heart of it was the Fashion Unplugged space. For those who didn’t fancy the raincore trend (rubber boots + raincoat), for those who wanted to pimp their boots with colorful stencils, or for those who wanted to experience a total make-over, the Fashion Unplugged area was the best place to be. Throughout the festival, the Electric Castle “inhabitants” were able interact with designs signed by young Romanian designers from Cluj-Napoca. The price tags were friendly, and those interested in the clothes and accessories were not at all shy about buying them. The constant flow of visitors turned the Fashion Unplugged tent into a vibrant area of the festival. I am glad I had the chance to experience fashion in such a fun and youthful way.









Styling sessions



Some of the Fashion Unpluggers 11667333_1586323124963849_5949699054145119846_n

Art & Fashion for Education

Among many qualities fashion has, one that is close to my heart is its power to change people through the stories it unfolds. Even though fashion design is based on individuality and how each designer reinterprets the world around them, the way in which their ideas, concepts and creations interact can generate a unique experience. Art and Fashion for Education is an event built around this idea of a special kind of interaction, an interaction between art, fashion and education whose goal is to raise funds for individuals with special abilities, but without financial possibilities. In order to achieve this noble goal, a series of Romanian designers were invited to create unique pieces of clothing inspired by renowned artists and their art works. The designers are: Smaranda Almășan inspired by Mike Kelley, Andreea Bădală by Méret Oppenheim , Lucian Broscățean by Joseph Kosuth, Ioana Ciolacu by Damián Ortega, Andrei Dudău by Apichatpong Weerasethakul , Răzvan Firea by Tamara Łempicka, Olah Gyárfás by Cy Twombly, Adelina Ivan by Antony Gormley , Irina Marinescu by Mircea Suciu , Marina Moldovan by Ben Vautier, Sabina Pop  by Nick Cave, Lucian Rusu by Gottfried Helnwein, Carmen Secăreanu by Maya Lin.

It was very interesting to see which were the chosen artists and how did the designers manage to translate art into clothing, to mix their individual aesthetic with the aesthetical universe of the artist they have chosen. In some cases I was able to guess the designer just by looking at his/her inspiration because I could sense the influence of a certain artist in a designer’s work. The entire story behind this event seemed to be a personal one. From the selection of the artist, to the choosing of the fabric, to the final display of the garment, each designer had the opportunity to recreate a work of art by infusing it with his/her personal touch.


So when Lucian Broscățean invited me to take part in his project, as model for the series of images accompanying his design for this event I was overwhelmed with excitement. First of all because I have been a fan and follower of his work for a long time, and have always admired his in-depth analysis of concepts, his unique designs, and his meticulously constructed universe, second of all because I have always been interested in the dialogue between fashion design and art so this was a unique opportunity to observe the way in which this dialogue can be created. Lucian’s inspiration was the work of Joseph Kosuth, one of the most renowned conceptual artists of the 20th century. His work is centered on the exploration of the production and role of language and meaning within art, and although his art may seem detached and stripped of personal meaning, it seduces the viewer at an intellectual level… just like Lucian’s designs. The photos were taken by Mihai Plătică, a talented photographer from Cluj who managed to capture the atmosphere and depth of Lucian’s design and concept.




Lucian Broscatean_Art & Fashion for Education_1

Lucian Broscatean_Art & Fashion for Education

Lucian Broscatean_Art & Fashion for Education_2

Art & Fashion for Education is a project initiated and curated by Pavilion Curatorial Office (Răzvan Ion, Eugen Rădescu and Gergő Horváth) and Bucharest Biennale – Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art. The funds raised throughout this event will be used to buy PC’s which will be donated to talented underprivileged teenagers. The beneficiaries of the program will be selected with the help of ‘Noi Orizonturi’ Foundation.

The exhibition opened on the 14th of May and will go on until the 12th of June inside the Teatrul de Comedie in Bucharest (The Comedy Theatre). It will also take place in Timișoara at the Art Museum (June 23 – July 17, 2015) and in Cluj-Napoca at the National Art Museum (September 3 – 16, 2015).

Cluj Fashion Week

Iepurasul a ajuns mai repede la Cluj si ne-a adus cel mai cool cadou posibil: certitudinea existentei unei saptamani a modei chiar in orasul nostru. In urma conferintei de presa din data de 1 aprilie, nu mai exista nici o urma de indoiala ca intre 14 si 17 aprilie va avea loc prima editie a  unei saptamani a modei, updatata la nivel international, la noi acasa. „Cluj Fashion Week reprezinta cel mai ambitios proiect de festival facut in Romania si unul dintre cele mai complexe din Europa” declara Alin Galatescu, coordonatorul artistic al festivalului. Aceasta prima editie va fi dedicata marelui artist Alexander McQueen (1969 – 2010)

Cu ce se mananca CFW?

Se iau 20 de bucati  creatori de arta contemporana, 20 fotografi de moda si life-style, 20 designeri de accesorii, 20 designeri vestimentari ( so far anuntati pe site-ul oficial http://www.cfw.ro: Wilhelmina Arz, Agnes Toma, Silvia Serban, Andreea Tincu, Carmen Secareanu, Valentina Vidrascu, Ravioli, Iris Serban, Editha Lupea, Andreea Musat, Lucian Pop, Claudia Castrase, Anca Ceataras, Istvan Cimpan, Ioana Covalcic), se asezoneaza cu nume mari din domenii complementare ( DIANE PERNET– fondatoarea celui mai important festival de video din lume ASVOFF, MICK DAVIS– regizor (Modigliani 2004), scenarist, producator, MIGUEL VILLALOBOS si GRAHAM TABOR– creatori de fotografie si instalatii).

Se mananca impreuna cu o bucata stylish de film, in cadrul conceptului de Style Movie si TransMedia. Din ingredientele propuse nu lipseste nici fotografia care va fi presarata peste doua expozitii de anvergura: Lifestyle-ul sec XXI si In Memoriam Alexander McQueen. Accesoriile intregesc meniul creatiei vestimentare cu o mare expozitie interactiva reunita sub conceptul inedit de “Complementary Estetics“. Gustarile dintre mese vor consta in 3 mari workshop-uri  cu invitatii de renume ai festivalului si cu numerosii creatori prezenti la Cluj, cu temele: “Moda sec XXI“, “Moda – realitate sau utopie, granita intre realitati” si “Style Movie – realitatile complementare“.

De ce se mananca la Cluj?

Cluj Fashion Week, festival de moda si lifestyle, a luat nastere din necesitatea lumii modei romanesti de a avea un eveniment care sa o incadreze in sistemul life-style-ului mondial si sa o aduca in simfonia celorlalte arte. De ce a fost ales Clujul pentru aceasta initiativa? La aceasta intrebare ne raspunde, cel mai bine, chiar creierul din spatele evenimentului, Alin Galatescu: „Clujul reprezinta un avanpost al creatiei vestimentare romanesti prin numarul mare de designeri credibili si remarcabili, care au reusit sa se integreze deja in sistemul modei romanesti. Universitatea de la Cluj este, de departe, pepiniera cu cele mai reprezentative rezultate din Romania. Clujul mai are, in plus, un mediu cultural si academic remarcabil, care inlesneste inradacinarea pe lunga durata a unui eveniment de anvergura si complexitatea multi-art ale Cluj Fashion Week. Nu in ultimul rand, publicul din Cluj are o puternica aplecare nativa si pozitiva spre stil, o cultura estetica remarcabila si un instinct plastic de inalta tinuta.[1]

POFTA BUNA?…inca nu…puneti-va pofta-n cui pana pe data de 14 aprilie cand ne vom intalni printre multimea de la Grand Hotel Napoca si vom trage cu ochiul la marele eveniment pe care il asteptam cu nerabdare.

[1] http://www.cfw.ro