Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Despite the rain and the mud which turned the first day of Electric Castle in a post-apocalyptic scenery where its inhabitants were forced to abandon their festival apparel (flowers, spikes and everything nice) and struggle to find a pair of rubber boots and a raincoat in order to blend in, and not sink in, the party spirit survived. The electric vibes managed to stop the rain, and during the last days of the festival the rubber boots turned from necessity into a fashion trend.

And speaking of fashion, there was plenty, and at the heart of it was the Fashion Unplugged space. For those who didn’t fancy the raincore trend (rubber boots + raincoat), for those who wanted to pimp their boots with colorful stencils, or for those who wanted to experience a total make-over, the Fashion Unplugged area was the best place to be. Throughout the festival, the Electric Castle “inhabitants” were able interact with designs signed by young Romanian designers from Cluj-Napoca. The price tags were friendly, and those interested in the clothes and accessories were not at all shy about buying them. The constant flow of visitors turned the Fashion Unplugged tent into a vibrant area of the festival. I am glad I had the chance to experience fashion in such a fun and youthful way.









Styling sessions



Some of the Fashion Unpluggers 11667333_1586323124963849_5949699054145119846_n

@ Electric Castle, Fashion is Unplugged

FashionUnplugged_LOGO_ID_Profile_pic_yellow_01-1A couple of months ago I was telling you about a new creative project, Fashion Unplugged, whose aim is to promote young fashion designers from Cluj-Napoca as part of Electric City, an event promoting the forthcoming Electric Castle Music Festival.

After its success during the Electric City event, the Fashion Unplugged team is announcing a second project which will take place during the third edition of the Electric Castle Festival at Banffy Castle, near Cluj. The Fashion Unplugged project invites us fashion aficionados to mix good music with quality fashion design on a specially designed Fashion Stage where 20 designers, stylists, make-up and hairstyle specialists, photographers and special guests will offer us the chance to interact in a nonconventional way with fashion.

Throughout the entire music festival, the Fashion Unplugged “line-up” will include styling workshops, fashion consulting, trend presentations and personalized shopping sessions. The designs on display have been specially created for this event, and had music festival outfits as inspiration. Visitors can purchase the designed products on spot at affordable prices.


The 20 designers who will showcase their designs on the Fashion Stage from the 25th of July until the 28th of July are: Aitai  Lorincz,  Flore  Diana,  Ancuța Sarca,  Andras Andrea, Crina Bulprich, Teodora Vișinescu, Oana Lupaș, Astrid Țîrlea, Ingrid Teodosiu, Anca Țința, Alexandra  Ivașcu,  Nazarica Bartoș, Luis  Drăjan,  Emese Bakó,  Georgiana  Giuroiu,  Florin  Brătan, Sabina Pop.

Fashion Unplugged is a chance for fashion lovers, as well as for a wider audience to interact with designers and their products, to find out more about their work and to consult specialists in styling (Catalin Enache, the official X Factor Romania stylist is the special guest of the event), hairstyle and make-up, and hopefully to understand that we can wear Romanian designs and be cool about it. Those who will step on the Fashion Stage at Electric Castle will get the chance to experience a total make-over which will be caught on camera by Emil Costrut and will be uploaded on the Catwalk15 app.

Fashion Unplugged is powered by The One Magazine.

Setup arrangements by Aramis Feeling





Fashion Unplugged


This weekend in Cluj-Napoca, fashion unites its creative force with music and brings you Fashion Unplugged. The event is part of Electric City Youth Day, a series of concerts that will take place in different locations in the city throughout this Saturday. Fashion Unplugged aims at promoting Romanian fashion design and Romanian young fashion designers. Sala Polivalenta will host a concept space where visitors will be able to see and buy designer pieces belonging to: Andras Andrea, Florin Bratan – Flow, Luis Drajan, Diana Flore, Oana Lupas, Constantine/Renakossy, Anamaria Pop, Sabina Pop, Anca Tinta, and Teodora Visinescu.

The Fashion Unplugged team offers us a small preview of the collections that will be showcased on the 28th of March: a photo shooting of different outfits composed of the designers’ pieces perfect for concerts and after-parties. “Sporty-gal meets different kind of casual boys”, “Oversized details”, or “Metallic black&white” are styling alternatives put together by Diana Flore for the photo shooting. It’s up to you to choose to be comfortable and original, a little bit extravagant, urban glam, or all black.

unplugged shooting 1Cristina – shirt and pants Oana Lupaș

Andi – hoodie Diana Flore

Vlad – t-shirt Flow, pants Constantine/Renakossy

unplugged shooting 2Cristina – dress Sabina Pop

Andi – pants Luis Drăjan, t-shirt Constantine/Renakossy

Vlad – beanie Flow

unplugged shooting 3Cristina – jacket Oana Lupaș, t-shirt and pants Teodora Vișinescu

Fashion Unplugged is powered by The One Magazine.

Setup arrangements by Aramis Feeling www.aramisfeeling.ro

Photos: Emil Costruț

Models: Cristina Oltean, Andi Pop, Vlad Albu

Hair & make-up: Carmen Burci – Paese

Styling: Diana Flore