3 for Thursday

Do you remember that episode (it’s from season 6) from Friends when Joey teaches Chandler a way to remember the names of days? It’s one of my favorite Joey quotes:

“Thursday! Look, if you need help remembering, just think of it like this: The third day. All right? Monday, one day. Tuesday, two day. Wednesday, when? Huh? What day? Thursday! The third day! Okay?”

As a way of celebrating Joey’s unique wisdom, and as a way of highlighting the importance of creativity in every aspect of our everyday life (even in the case of re-inventing the seven days of the week), I was thinking of presenting you every week, on Thursday, the third day (according to Joey) a personal selection of designers who will convince you, through their creativity, that things don’t always have to be as they are.

For this week I have chosen three British young designers, and their s/s 2015 collections: Ashley Williams, Claire Borrow, and Hannah Weiland from Shrimp.

Ashley Williams is one of the 8 designers who have received this year’s NEWGEN sponsorship. She  studied a BA in Womenswear at The University of Westminster, and her collection for s/s 2015 focused on the culture clash between the east and west in the late 60s early 70s.

ashley williams

Claire Borrow also studied fashion at University of Westminster, and made her debut in fashion through the platform Fashion East (as Ashley also did), and is now exhibiting with NEWGEN. Her aesthetic focuses around youth culture, and subcultures, and has a “do it yourself” vibe, but the talent and attention for details transpire her collection. For her s/s 2015 show she was inspired by science fiction, creating pieces suited for dystopian girls and boys.

claire borrow 1

claire borrow

Hannah Weiland is a London-based designer whose whimsical line of faux furs is called “Shrimps”. As she describes it, her “sweet, fluffy, and colorful” designs are beautifully crafted, and combine British humor with a touch of the surreal and nostalgia. Although Hannah is still at the beginning of her fashion career, her “Shrimps” are a hit among fashionistas such as Susie Bubble, Kate Foley, Alexa Chung, and Lily Allen. For her spring/summer 2015 collection, Hannah teamed up with lounge-wear brand Poplin and created silk pajamas to complement the Shrimps furs in a playful reinterpretation of the Flintstone’s animated universe.

shrimpsshrimps 2photo source: