Fashion Rhymes – Prada Menswear a/w 2016



Turmoil bubbles all around us

Is there someone who can save us?

There’s uncertainty in the contemporary

So let’s take a trip through history!

Let us all meet in a square

And watch Sigmund and Simone

Wrestle with mythical gods

Drawn on deconstructed cloths

Worn by a new kind of sailors,

Who went on a journey seeking some wild roses,

But they brought back only sorrowful stories.

Can other people relate to these stories,

To the challenges that they confronted?

Is Prada’s updated historicism

Just another consumable “ism”?

“Don’t be serious,” she giggles




Image source:

  • first set of images:  ‘dis-dressed’ ,special project by Willy Vanderperre
  • second set of images: Virginia Arcaro