ATELIER – The New Online Shopping Experience

This week, during the Romanian Fashion Trends and Brands Salon, a revolutionary application was presented for the first time to the public. ATELIER is an online application which provides a new way of discovering and experimenting with fashion styles. Tulemod, the company that envisioned and created this application is specialized in digital services, whose mission is to create a platform that uses cutting edge technology, from 3D scanning to database analytics, to re-imagining how users, designers, and retailers connect with fashion. Tulemod is a Romanian start-up company having research and development departments in Cluj-Napoca and Seattle.

ATELIER is basically a virtual fitting room where the customer with the help of a 3D avatar can access a wardrobe available for purchase. After trying on different products, the customers can also share their favorite outfits on different social networks, asking  their friends for advice before purchasing the clothes. ATELIER also allows you to see how the outfit moves on your body, it shows a more accurate fit, offering you a more reliable online shopping experience.22ATELIER is more than a virtual fitting room, because it also provides market insight for industry’s professional who can access stats, trend forecasting and predict forensics based on the customer’s preferences. The app can be used by online customers, as well as designers and supply chains. By using this app and selecting different items from the ones that are available on stock, the customer takes part in the decisional process and offers the distributor, or the designer the advantage of knowing which products have a higher demand, thus minimizing the investment risks.

Tulemod has teamed up with the online boutique Molecule F, the first online shop selling exclusively Romanian designs, to offer their customers a brand new shopping experience. This collaboration will offer the Romanian fashion designers the opportunity to interact in a new and strategic way with their potential clients, and hopefully it will increase the demand for Romanian designs among fashion consumers. I am anxious to try the ATELIER shopping experience, and I hope it will succeed in reinventing the dialogue between consumer, fashion, and technology.