Book Cover Tee 6


Book Cover Tee is a creative project, which I have been following since its beginning. Created by Noemi Meilman, one of the most thoughtful and dedicated persons I have ever met, through her personal blog – Placerile lui Noe, in collaboration with a talented Romanian fashion designer, and a handful of her close friends, Book Cover Tee is a project dedicated to a noble cause, raising money for the animal shelter Iubirrre.

The 6th chapter of the Book Cover Tee is a very special chapter for me, first of all because I am a fan of the project, and I was extremely happy when I found out that Noemi had invited me to take part in it, and second of all because I had the chance to work with Lucian, one of the most talented people I know, and re-imagine a book cover for one of our favorite novels: If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino.  Lucian Broscatean is also the designer invited to create the pattern for this edition’s T – shirt, which makes this Book Cover Tee chapter even more exciting.


“Conceperea T-shirt-ului negru cu un singur accent minimalist alb e ca o extensie a tipurilor de morfologii vestimentare pe care le-am construit in colectiile mele. Forme versatile, volume geometrice, cordoane incorporate fac din T-shirt o piesa care poate fi purtata in multe feluri. Mi-a placut mult ideea lui Noemi de a imprima Book Cover-urile pe spate si asimetric, astfel colaborarea nostra a inclus si implicarea ei creativa in designul final.” – Lucian Broscatean (Designing the T-shirt black, with a single white minimalist accent represents an extension of different types of fashion morphologies existent in my collections. Versatility, geometric volumes, embedded straps transform the T-shirt into a piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways. I really liked Noemi’s idea of printing the Book Covers on the back, in an asymmetric way, this way our collaboration also included her creative input in the final design, t.n.)

Cartolina Oana Stan & Lucian Broscatean BCT6

If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, Italo Calvino’s novel which Lucian and I have chosen to occupy a place on the shelf of the imaginary Book Cover Tee “library” is, among other things, a novel about a journey. The journey of the main character is sinuous, fractured, sometimes mystical, introspective and interconnected. If one tried to map this journey, it would reveal a fractured space where an inexperienced traveller could easily feel lost.

The reason we’ve chosen this novel is that we both identified our creative paths with those created and discovered by Italo Calino’s characters. For Lucian was the reconnection with the Nomad character, a recurring character in his collections, a character that crosses the imaginary spaces, exploring their conceptual dimensions in order to finally unravel his own purpose. For me it was a personal connection with the main character of the novel. Like the character from the novel, I am also “reading” fashion with the same curiosity and wonder with which the Reader reads If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler. But just as the reader discovers along the way that things are not as he expected them to be, I keep on discovering new facets of this eclectic creative field, fueling my desire to continue the journey I have started, even if on a winter’s night a traveler would try to convince me otherwise.

Book Cover Tee, chapter 6 was a very special experience for me, a creative experience shared with talented people with whom I share enthusiasm and passion for all things authentic.

Lucian si Oana Stan spateLucian Broscatean si Oana fata

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Photos by Emil Costrut

Make-Up: Lidia Gligor & Oana Pinte, Vestige Atelier des Beaux Arts

Hairstyle: Simina Diana Cheteles & Dragos Liss, Vestige Atelier des Beaux Arts

Partners: Henkel Romania – Perwoll, Sephora Romania, and Stella Artois